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Seminar | From Innovation to Impact

Seminar | From Innovation to Impact

From Innovation to Impact: Optimizing Performance Today While Transforming Your Organization For the Future

Join Spring Network & TRG Healthcare For An Exclusive One Day Education Session

Optimize Organizational Growth Today


Are you challenged with how to grow your organization’s top line and influence the market?


Are you leveraging your organization to radically improve productivity and lower costs?

Program Deliverables

  • Organizational and management principles and structures to accelerate your organization’s performance.
  • Specific inter-organizational shared services (IOS2) for producing typically between 20-50% savings.
  • Strategies to position your organization in the marketplace to produce value, innovate and transform.

Innovate for Future Performance


Are you struggling with getting your organization to embrace new programs?


Do you need to develop capabilities to incubate and prototype new models to create value?

Why Attend Event

This event will immerse healthcare leaders in what it takes to be a high value organization, create substantial value, and develop the capabilities to innovate and transform with speed to position your organization for future growth.

Who Should Attend Event

Board members, c-suite executives or senior clinical leaders of an established or emerging SRO who want to effectively manage today’s business while innovating and adapting to a changing market.

Characteristics of High Value Organizations

  • Constantly interested in discovery of new opportunities to grow, be more productive and innovate.
  • Work in parallel on numerous initiatives at the same time as long as they each produce high value.
  • Remain nimble with respect to adapting to new information and priorities.
  • Create derivative revenue streams that create sources to reinvest in other initiatives.
  • Deploy dedicated resources to operate effectively as well as innovating.
  • Be purposeful in developing strategies and operating structures which allow the organization to efficiently manage today’s business while innovating and adapting to a changing market.

For questions or registration support please contact:
Cathy Cresta
1835 Market Street, Suite 555
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Featured Faculty

The event will be led by industry experts and leaders in innovation from Spring Network and TRG Healthcare.

Stu Winby
Mr. Winby is the CEO of Spring Network. He is an expert in healthcare innovation and transformation. His work has been documented in numerous books, articles and professional journals. Several Harvard Business School Cases have been written on projects on which he has consulted.

Terry Carroll, PhD.
Dr. Carroll is a Principal with Spring Network. He brings over 35 years of experience in the evolution and transformation of complex healthcare organizations. His current focus is on merging the opportunities of digital disruption with organizational design to drive healthcare performance in the emerging market.

Howard Peterson, MHA
Mr. Peterson is the Managing Partner of TRG Healthcare. He has nearly four decades of experience developing progressive strategic, financial and operational solutions for healthcare clients nationwide. He is a recognized expert and innovator in SRO development and performance improvement. emerging market.

Spring Network

Spring Network brings in-depth skill in innovation and organizational strategy and design.

TRG Healthcare

TRG Healthcare is an industry leader in developing SRO structures and high-value strategies.