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TRG Healthcare offers a unique blend of advisory experiences for Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), schools of medicine, teaching hospitals and faculty practice plans. We have developed our practice and recruited staff with experience to support and meet the unique needs of academic healthcare service organizations. 

TRGís team of consultants includes senior-level healthcare leaders who have firsthand experience with leading academic medical centers and teaching hospitals. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the complexities of academic medicine, recognizing the synergies and natural tensions between the educational, research and clinical missions served by these organizations.

We develop strategies and execute solutions to redifferentiate AMCs in highly competitive markets. As in cell biology where redifferentiation means the process by which a group of differenced cells return to their original specialized form, TRG can help your AMC to emerge and be identified as a highly specialized institution.

In addition to the more generalized services that we offer all clients, TRG also has proven results providing several specialized services for our academic clients. Below is a complete listing of the services that may be relevant to your AMC. Please click on the appropriate link(s) below to learn more.


Redifferentiation of
Academic Medical Centers
Discovery has brought medicine to a place where it is evident that its future lies in a personalized approach, based in molecular biology, genomics and technology.

AMCs are opportunely positioned at this stage in healthcare evolution to materially differentiate themselves from competitors by optimizing this deepening nexus between research and clinical practice, effectively returning to their earliest roots (and hence re-differentiating themselves) as specialized entities where discovery and technically-difficult patient care take place.

If organized effectively to accelerate dissemination of new knowledge from bench to bedside and the dispersal of technology, the AMC of the future will be at the core of defining medical care and will excel within the market.


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Academic Medical Centers
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